Here is where I will post recent photos of me posing with fitness celebrities appearing at the Professional Fitness Institute's Boot Camps in Las Vegas, Nevada. I will start with the beautiful, talented, ex-American Gladiator and soon-to-be big screen super hero, Beth Horn.

11/26/11- Beth Horn and Dr. Simon

6/4/12 - Tommy Boyer Kendrick and Dr. Simon

11/27/11 - Dr. Simon and Dustin Pague (Ultimate Fighter)

6/7/12 Haley Hollander (PTA Global Master Trainer) and Dr. Simon

11/27/11 - Derrick Price (PTA Global Master Trainer) and Dr. Simon


6/15/11 - Dr. Simon and Ron Williams ( Seven Time Natural Bodybuilding Champion)

8/18/11 - Jay Cutler (Four time Mr. Olympia) and Dr. Simon

external image 8198614_orig.jpg
6/8/12 - Dr. Simon and Charles Ware (Executive Director of PFI)

6/8/12 Dr. Simon and Alex Chavez (PFI Faculty)


4/18/12 Gerald Mayes (Not yet a celebrity; however, he is a PCI graduate that works at the boot camp in Las Vegas and is quite possibly, a future super star) and Dr. Simon.