I made the following videos to help with the Exercise Technique Quizzes in PT106, Client Consultation and Fitness Assessment.

Exercise Technique Quiz 1 Video Help: Squat

Exercise Technique Quiz 2 Video Help: Barbell Bench Press
Watch this first:
Barbell Bench Press
Now watch this:

Exercise Technique Quiz 3 Video Help: Upright Row
Upright Row

Exercise Technique Quiz 4 Video Help: Assissted Dip
Assisted Dip

It is essential that you purchase and use the following NSCA Material:

Exercise Technique Manual for Resistance Training w/DVD
NSCA, Human Kinetics
©2008, ISBN: 073607127X

NSCA Essentials of Personal Training, 2nd Edition
Earl & Baechle, Human Kinetics
©2012, ISBN: 9780736084154