5/1/12 - People always ask me what I do for my personal workouts. Check these out...
6 Degrees of Freedom
Primal Stress
TACFIT Barbarian
TACFIT King of Clubs
Ageless Mobility
TACFIT Commando package - The Special Ops
TACFIT Mass Assault
TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz
TACTICAL Gymnastics
TACFIT Warrior

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1/10/12 - This is my video re-test submission of Trial-by-Fire with the 15lb Clubbells for certification as a CST Instructor.
I have been diligently working on getting my elbows to point towards the ceiling when in the back position of the Swipes and Mills. I have also focused on ensuring that I am locking out my elbows in both the Mills and the Hammer Swings.

1/9/12 - This is my video re-test submission of Flowfit for certification as a CST Instructor. I was already certified; however, when I retested, I was not as fully prepared as I should have been. I took the exam on October 2011 in San Jose, Ca and did not pass because of issues with my technique on Flowfit and Trial-by -Fire. I had hip and low back mobility restrictions resulting in too shallow of a squat depth, incomplete spinal rocking motion at times, etc on Flowfit. I still have some external rotation and abduction occurring in my right lower leg and foot; however, I have significantly increased my squat depth and my spinal rocks have improved as well. I will continue working on creating symmetry in my myofascial chains and post my results periodically.